The Big and Small of things…

Somethings in the Universe are huge – really huge. Like the milky way that is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 m across.

And some things are small – really really small, like a grain of salt that is 0.0005 m.

So here’s Math stepping in to help us talk about the huge and the tiny.

Firstly, we keep the meter (m) as the basic unit. When something is, say 10000 times the meter, we say it’s 105 times the meter. If something is img_1 (1) times a meter we write it is 10-6. Basically we count the zeroes! And then there are the names. For example, 10-9 is nano. So when we hear of someone working on nanotechnologies, they are working on stuff that are img_2 (1) of a meter.
Take a look at the infographic to know the names for big and small things.
This can get you thinking on trying to find how really huge or tiny different things are.
There is a link at the below to get you started on the fascinating world of big and small.


Scale of the Universe



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