Students’ Attitude towards eLearning


Education in India has seen the birth of a new social parameter: a cultural clash between parents and children. There was a time when school was only about books, pen, and paper; teachers needed chalkboard and students were writing down everything. Over the last years, the increasing use of web technologies has changed and today attending school means using a computer and having a lesson online. Many parents are not used to this way of learning and they wonder how to learn anything in front of a screen? The answer is simple: behind a screen, there is a whole world of knowledge and activities which are attracted. You can now discover what the students’ attitude towards eLearning is. 

The third Revolution: Technology:

The whole world has been changed by three industrial revolutions. The first industrial revolution began in Britain (18th), with the mechanization of the textile industry. The second industrial revolution came in the early 20th century and was characterized by the build out of railroads, large-scale iron and steel production. Since 1985, a third revolution is born: Digital Revolution.


Digital Revolution leads to an open world, without frontiers, accessible to the users at any time.  Popular use of computers and the widespread of the internet are essential for the development of a country and its societies. They offer a new perspective to the creation of knowledge, education and access to information. As a consequence, the development of electronic learning (e-learning) systems became crucial to meet students’ demand.

Thanks to eLearning, students are immersed in a rich environment.  eLearning accommodates the three distinct learning styles of auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners. It uses the online media each course offers many opportunities for interaction with the instructor. Screens are not replacing teachers or parents: they became an indispensable tool in education.

Students’ attitude

Towards screens and eLearning platforms, students may have the option to select learning materials that meet their level of knowledge and interest.  The effectiveness of eLearning has been demonstrated primarily by studies of higher education, government, corporate, and military environments.

Firstly, students are always using the internet when they need to study. The internet has a highly positive effect on student learning when it is used for  researches. As a consequence, eLearning is widely appreciated by students. According to a study made in 2004 by Lewis and Goodison, ” [eLearning allows] the improvement in the level and quality of teaching preparation. This includes: materials could be easily updated and revised to suit the needs of different student groups”.


Then, eLearning benefits you whenever wherever with eBooks and apps. The use of smartphones became consistent in India and one can be educated thanks to this tool. We all live in a connected world and children from the 2000’s are born with screens and digital tools. Considering this social fact, the Government of India “has been financially supporting R&D projects in the area of E-Learning at various academic educational institutes”.  Improving the quality of education in India cannot be done without digital technology and CarveNiche Technologies  participates in this revolution.

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