Adaptive Learning at its best!

beGalileo is a personalized, self-learning platform that helps students master math. Our adaptive learning platform understands the speed and style in which your child learns based on his/her interactions and modifies the presentation material accordingly.

School classrooms can have anywhere between 30-60 students attending a single class. Each student in the classroom is unique in terms of his real world knowledge, existing skill levels, interests and learning style. This is why many children find themselves uninterested in Mathematics, and often end up with low grades.

Not only does beGalileo plan the course your child truly needs, it also allows you to consider individual factors so that each student can learn Math when and where it's most convenient.

More importantly - advanced students are no longer limited by the curriculum of their class! On mastering their syllabus, a grade 5 student can easily jump to grade 6 concepts or higher. The learner has complete control of his Math learning.

Diagnostic Assessment

Every student starts his journey on beGalileo with a diagnostic assessment. This enables the platform to understand the student's capabilities and create a unique and adaptive learning plan.

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Customized Learning Path

To make Math learning as effective as possible, it's vital to adapt to the pace and potential of each child. Through the diagnostic assessment, beGalileo creates a Customized Learning Path for the student. This Learning Path ensures that Math concepts are not introduced too early - causing confusion, or too late - causing boredom; and are taught in a manner that will keep the student intrigued, interested and entertained!

Unlimited Math Practice

When it comes to math, there's nothing as important as practice. Unlimited Math practice worksheets help students to brush up on the concepts they have learnt and re-learn the ones they may have forgotten.

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Instant Feedback

In a world of instant gratification, we provide instant feedback for every student - as and when they need it. Just like a teacher would be able to converse with his students and answer queries, beGalileo provides real time feedback for each child.

Math Video Lessons

Different people learn in different ways. Some people learn best by listening, some others while viewing. Video lessons keep students engaged even when it comes to advanced concepts. Many students find it much easier to remember concepts that they have not only seen on paper, but viewed, heard and interacted with via video.

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Badges with kid img1 4b3f682ec3c49fcd1f8f5a2343d642c60aea8b4613db469b52ec4639cddb21da Rewards to Motivate

Rewards to Motivate

Staying motivated is easy when you're rewarded at regular milestones on your journey. beGalileo badges and rewards are designed to inspire and encourage students to do their best... always!

Seamless Learning

beGalileo makes learning a seamless experience. Be it on a computer, laptop, tablet or even on the app - each user retains his profile and data wherever he/she goes. From the comfort or your room, or stuck in traffic, we've got your Math learning needs covered everywhere.

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Math Learning with understanding

While rote learning may get students to pass their exams, there's no actual value in it. In order to facilitate the genuine learning and implementation of concepts, our platform provides a variety of Math question types across different knowledge levels. This helps students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in Maths.

Tracked Progress

Stay updated with your child's learning without the need to constantly supervise! beGalileo sends updates on your child's Math learning activities, performance, and areas of improvement to the convenience of your inbox.

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