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beGalileo learning system uses the best pedagogy with machine learning to make every child understand Math in a way that makes sense to them.

beGalileo Program Structure

It covers all major school curricula including CBSE, ICSE, IB & IGCSE for students across the age group of 5 to 14 years.


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beGalileo is a comprehensive Math learning program covering more than 300 concepts across key areas including Numbers and Operations, Algebraic Thinking, Geometry, Data Handling and Measurements.

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Learning by doing is the core philosophy of the program. Students learn these concepts by solving questions across varying levels of difficulty. They are also provided a detailed explanation of each question along with animated video lessons to understand the concept well.

beGalileo Speed Math corner is a fun based learning activity designed to develop mental calculation skills and improve concentration. Students compete against the computer or other students by answering as many questions as they can in a fixed time.

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Doing calculations faster and quicker is a skill that students should learn to help them score well in exams where time and accuracy play a big role, along with conceptual understanding.


A car may have a powerful engine, but power is truly delivered to the four wheels, where rubber meets the road. Similarly, knowledge is only true power when it is applied to real world.

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beGalileo Explore modules use traditional board games, videos, writings, discussions, kits etc. to let the student apply the skills learnt and develop strategy, critical thinking and reasoning skills.

beGalileo Math Learning Program

Everything around us can be better understood with mathematics. Math can help children make sense of the many aspects of their world through its connections to them.

When we help our children see these connections, we enrich their overall learning and development.

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