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Learn math 1-to-1 with highly experienced math tutors along with unlimited practice worksheets, revision assignments and online tests

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Research by renowned educational psychologist, Benjamin Bloom shows that an average student with 1-to-1 personalized tutoring along with mastery learning techniques performed 98% better than students who learnt in a group through traditional teaching methods.View Research Report

Live Class Features

Dedicated Math Tutors

beGalileo certified, highly experienced Math educator provides 1-to-1 live sessions twice a week

Diagnosis before cure

The child undergoes a detailed diagnostic assessment before the live class starts, to understand the key strengths and identify problem areas.


The Math tutor creates a personalized learning path for the child based on individual learning needs

Child focused

Research proves that children learn a subject well if they like the teacher. Our Math tutors are trained to understand the child psychology and tune their teaching style based on the needs of the child

Math Practice worksheets

The tutor assigns standardized and gradated practice worksheets on beGalileo during the week

Regular Math tests

Tests are conducted at regular intervals to track progress

Parent portal

Parents are involved in their child's learning and stay up to date on their child's achievements and struggles.

Regular Support

Math Tutors are ready to support students offline through the week.


Students earn rewards and badges as they learn Math.Awesome leaderboards ensure students stay competitive and motivated

How does live class work?

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Student takes a diagnostic
assessment on beGalileo

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Diagnostic report shared with the parent

How it works3 img 43f0546abead5fe3ef8f181ef8a2d8da1629650795f7cd60ff11e618ff29b927

Unique learning path is created for the child on beGalileo

How it works4 img 73ad7de6ca6a19224ee73ea917280f8fc4595a7b2bbe256b6add58af25391709

The teacher will be online with the child on beGalileo for the scheduled classes twice a week

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The student practices a concept on beGalileo. The teacher is able to see the screen of the child, the question being worked and the response given the child.
The teacher encourages the child to solve Math problems by asking questions, giving hints

How it works6 img 7f5eb19e7b63dc0da6aa6f4deed5372b38a267f872eac2ec4abdced77981b4aa

Teacher can write on a virtual whiteboard Teacher can share whiteboard with the child if he/she has to ask a question

How it works7 img 02c4536a937287930a872a77605ae87811d26ea7d9f94cd083806263fd20c4e9

Sessions are recorded for later viewing by the student

How it works8 img 47ce7d7e9205c492b3f561b0799692f93e57e8bc89495939fb113ba03f26b82c

Teacher and student participate in audio, video, and text chat during the session

How it works9 img 6c81f97f2a569c8f5f974a7aff156db113f375dceacf62a4d6d1e589a2c402ce

An email report is sent to the parent after the session

How it works10 img f40f707ad9e7cc829f7d9a1023f37500c8b0637ba20143ca42b7b81c8b8ab3c6

Practice worksheet assigned on beGalileo as homework

How it works11 img 61eb69803937bcfddeb72990878cc647fb6f1ea0f4e994cb2e48234fe6833a13

Regular tests for students to demonstrate mastery of concepts