10 Tips to Make your Child Score Well – Success Tips for Students

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“My child isn’t capable enough for the advanced course, she has been enrolled in”

“The friend circle of my son isn’t good enough and is a bad influence on him”

“There is an immediate need to cut down on all diversions and increase my children’s’ study time, besides sending them to extra classes”

When children start struggling academically in school, most parents usually think, one of the above mentioned reasons is true, in their case too and blame their habits in general.

But often times, the situation isn’t quite so worrisome.

In reality, it is not that kids hate learning or that they are averse to a particular subject. Instead, it’s just the fact that a few small things have gone wrong over a period of time. For instance:

  • Missing a vital concept in Algebra in school may be the reason; the child is unable to get a hang of the next concept being taught. As a result, the child starts to fall further and further behind.
  • Not maintaining a to-do-list book, to keep a track of assignments and accumulating homework, as a result.
  • Not faring well in exams, because the child has not followed a systematic study plan and has not scored well, due to last minute cramming.

In this blog, we have tried covering key habits and success tips of students and how you can practice these small, yet significant steps to create some big wins for your child.

Success Tips for Students

Stay organized

Having a clear plan for what & when your children are going to do, will ensure they always have an edge over others, academically.

Study Tips to become Successful Student

Don’t fall into the multitasking trap

As numerous studies have time and again proved, multitasking is impossible and impacts productivity, big time. Do not encourage your child to multitask.

Break it up

Children who do not consider studying as fun, only worsen the situation, when they sit through study marathons. It is always a great idea to divide their task into manageable chunks and reward them on completion of each milestone, thereby making study sessions, more enjoyable. This is one of the key elements of how to study.

Get enough rest

A good night’s sleep sharpens focus and improves a child’s working memory, thereby contributing as one of the key success tips for students. Hence, never underestimate the significance of sleep and ensure that your child sticks to a daily routine, for sleep too.

Chalk out a schedule

The onus to find out what works best for your child, lies with you. Are they most resourceful after breakfast or before dinner? Are they most productive in 60-minute blocks or half-hour spurts? Identify a schedule that works for your child and get them to stick to a timetable, religiously.

Encourage your child to take notes

It’s a great idea to encourage your child to take notes during class lectures, to get them involved in the subject. It is much easier to read their own notes than to read the entire textbook, when the exam time rolls.

Study tips for students

Though this habit might sound obvious, there’s still a right and a wrong way when it comes to how to study! One of the key success tips for students is coming up with innovative ways (like flash cards & practice tests) and help your child to review her study material, several days ahead of time, in small chunks. Just help them do away with cramming, by following simple study tips.

Identify the right study space

Your child’s productivity will be optimum, if you can help him find a study space, away from any distraction. Zero in on a space that they would love to spend time in.

Discover an ideal study group

Studying with a group of students, who are learning the same material as your child, is an exciting way to learn complex concepts or prepare for a big exam. Students clarify each other’s doubts, besides having some productive fun.

Encourage your child to ask questions

Your children are in the learning phase. Reinforce the fact that it is perfectly fine on their part to ask for help, when in doubt – from a teacher in school, a tutor or their friends – This is a sure shot way to make sure they truly understand their study material, thoroughly.

At beGalileo, we believe that all students have the potential to succeed. Hence, it has been our constant endeavour to equip the student community with tools and materials they need, to learn well. As you prepare your child for academic success, you could take a moment to learn more about how we empower students enrolling with us, to conquer Math, one of the key subjects indicating future success in career.

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