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beGalileo-Math Learning

If you talk around in a group of adults, there are chances that many of them will tell you that they did not pursue a particular career as they were not good at Math. The same trend can be seen in today’s kids. As children go from primary to middle school and high school, they start losing interest in Math and cannot wait for the day when they start having a choice to leave Math.

This is a very disturbing trend as Math is the basis of all creations. Math learning is not about just learning the core concepts, but it also helps a child develop reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

When we try to find the root cause of dislike for Math in kids, it primarily comes down to the fact that the child does not understand the basics in the lower grades and the concepts in higher grade keep building on the knowledge that was supposed to be gained in lower classes. This makes the child loose interest.

Talk to any teacher and you will find that most times, you will get the same reason for students not doing well in Math in school. In a typical class of 25-40 students, the teacher is always targeting the ‘middle’ of the class. Her entire class learns the same concept at the same pace, irrespective of their previous knowledge or interest. And, this form of teaching never really works: Advanced kids get bored and loose interest, the lagging ones get lost and tune out, and soon half the class stops paying attention.So, essentially what the kids need is one-to-one personalized attention and learning at their own pace.

And this has been scientifically proven. One of the most well-known education psychologist, Benjamin Bloom conducted many experiments in 1984 to learn the effect of personalized learning in students. He conducted a research on students who were taken out of regular class and given individual instruction. Bloom found out that students who were given one-on-one attention reliably performed two standard deviations better than their peers who stayed in a regular classroom. In simpler terms, the improvement was enough to move a student from an average score into the 98th percentile score. Bloom’s findings caused a stir in education, but ultimately they didn’t significantly change the basic structure of the classroom. One-on-one instruction, after all, is very expensive and cannot be implemented in schools.

This is where the advancement in technology can play a key role. Today with machine learning and predictive algorithms, learning systems can effectively identify learning gaps in a child and help the students to learn at their own pace.

This is what beGalileo does. beGalileo is a personalized learning program where each child gets a unique learning path to master Math concepts. Assessments are used as the primary tool of learning. Wherever a child makes a mistake, she is given step by step instruction and a remedial audio-video learning video is provided to understand the concept. As the child continues to learn a concept, he is moved from learning the basics to application and critical thinking. This ensures that every child learns with understanding. It also comes with rewards, badges and gamification to keep the child motivated to work continuously and give their best.

Today beGalileo is being used by thousands of students across the country who have worked over 3 million problems and have mastered over 65000 concepts.

beGalileo now also comes with Live Class where an experienced Math educator is online with the child where she is practicing on beGalileo twice a week. The teacher is able to see which question the child is working on and can clarify doubts and explain concepts using whiteboard with audio and video. She also ensures that the parents are regularly updated on the progress and students are motivated to reach their maximum potential.


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