beGalileo, Math Practice is now on Android App!

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Learn and Master Math skills at your own pace.

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beGalileo is a personalized, adaptive, fun-filled Math learning platform with hundreds of Math concepts and thousands of practice questions covering grades 1 to 10.
As a parent, you can create an account and add child details. Now your child can sign in and discover the joy of mastering Math concepts at their own pace as beGalileo creates a unique learning path for the child based on individual strengths, weaknesses and learning styles.
Key Highlights of beGalileo
  • Comprehensive coverage of Math curriculum from Grade 1 to 10
  • Detailed solution at the end of every question
  • Interesting audio-video animated lessons for conceptual understanding
  • Facilitates problem solving and knowledge retention through quality content with multiple levels of rigor and depth of knowledge
  • Earn badges while you practice and master concepts
  • Stand a chance to win and compete on student leaderboards
  • Stay connected with your child’s learning and track the progress
  •  Pick up where you left off as your learning syncs between the Android app and our online site –, so your progress is always up-to-date

Click here to get the Android App for FREE 000161_playstore-button

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