Cultural Places to Visit When You Study in Bangalore

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Known as the “Silicon Valley” of the East, Bangalore attracts many students. Its booming IT industry id followed by social changes. Many foreigners are attracted by the city and one cannot but notice that it is becoming cosmopolitan. Bangalore also has a rich heritage which deserves to be seen throughout the city. Here we have chosen 5 places to see in Bangalore.Learn more about the event in Bangalore by surfing on

1-Ranga Shankara Theatre
Ranga Shankara is one of Bangalore’s well known theatres. It aims to promote theatre in all languages and prides itself in lending out the space at an extremely low fare. Ranga Shankara hosts an annual theatre festival and other annual events like being the Mango party.

Ranga Sankara Theatre
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2- Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum
This Museum covers the history behind all major technological inventions from the teeny weeny Zipper to Jet Engines with simple and lucid explanations. For every student this is place has to be visited at least once.

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum
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3- Mahua Gallery (Art)

Mahua Gallery offers art lovers an opportunity to view and purchase contemporary Indian art from across India. The gallery’s wide selection of Indian paintings, prints, sculptures and folk art provide a glimpse into the inspirations of leading and upcoming Indian artists.

Mahua Gallery
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4- Bannerghatta National Park
Bannerghatta National Park, covering nearly 25000 acres, is located at a distance of about 22 km from Bangalore city and is home to one of the richest natural zoological reserves. A practical understanding of fauna and flora can be reached.

Butterfly Park-Bannerghatta
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5- Festivals in Bangalore
Many festivals take place in Bangalore throughout the year: the Kannada New Year (March), the Karaga Festival (April), the International Arts Festival (August), the “Groundnut Festival” (November) and The Bangalore Literature Festival (December).

Festivals in Bangalore

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