Cultural Places to Visit When You Study in New Delhi

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New Delhi is the capital of India and has 5 000 years of history. Deep rooted in ancient culture, it is a cultural hub, an ideal place to learn about art, music and History.  Here we have chosen 5 places to see in Delhi.  Learn more about the events in Delhi by surfing on 

1-The National Gallery of Modern Art
The National Gallery of Modern Art has the foal to “acquire and preserve works of modern art from 1850s onward, to organize galleries for permanent display, lectures, seminars and conferences.” Around 4000 sculptures and paintings can be seen there.

NGMAFront                                                              More @

2- Delhi Art Gallery
Created in 1993, this gallery encourage every Indian artist who claims to join the Modern Art Movement. ”From early-moderns to current experimental art forms, from the earliest works featuring gods and goddesses to modern, politically-engaged art; it owns the most important pieces of work of Indian Modern Art.”

Delhi Art Gallery copy                                                        More @

3- Shri Ram Center
“Designed by Shiv Nath Prasad, with guidance from the famous theatre-figure, Ebrahim Alkazi, the current building was inaugurated in 1960. The entire building and its operations were built under the supervision of the Lala Shri Ram industrialist family and continues run through funding from them. This massive theatre can house up to 556 audience members in one go.”

  Swami-Haridas-Tansen-Festival-Artists-Image                                                           More @

4- Mehrauli Archaeological Park
Popularly known as Jamali Kamali, this Park is unique in being dotted with ruins from early medieval times to the 19th century . It proposes over 100 historically significant monuments to see. Historical tours are offered at the park.

Rajon ki Baoli Mehrauli Archaeological Park Delhi Pixelated Memories Sahil Ahuja Tomb Mosque Step Well (4)                            More @

5- Festivals in Delhi
Delhi offers many festivals throughout the year: the Pongal festival (January), the Bhakti Festival (April), the Baisakhi Festival (May), the Bhai Dooj Festival (October) or the Diwali Festival (October).

culture-and-festivals-in-new-delhi                                     More @

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