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Culturally, we are a society that gives much importance to Math learning. But ironically Math fear and even hatred is quite common among students and even adults. Many a time a child’s attitude towards Math is the first hindrance to his progress. Parents who enjoyed Math in school are at loss to understand why their child finds it uninteresting. Parents who struggled in Math as kids, think is genetic! Whatever your relationship with Math chances are, at one time or other you might have wondered,

How can I create a positive attitude in my child about Math?

Here are a few points from beGalileo.

• Identify learning gaps and rectify them
• Encourage small achievements
• Make the child a part of Math Talk beyond the textbook – at the petrol bunk, while baking, when you talk to the carpenter.
• Practice practice practice – in Math Familiarity breeds friendship!
• Give them Gradated worksheets – ones that gradually move from easy to challenging
• Help them find Math around them – in Music, Architecture, and Poetry.

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