How to Motivate Children to Study?

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Many children have to face hardships at school: moving from playground to classroom is a shift that requires a lot of effort. There is no denying that attending school means meeting friends for them and when it comes to study our dear little ones close their eyes.Today, half of the children have difficulties concentrating at school, thus parents have to work twice as hard to make them understand how important school is. Is this situation due to a lack of interest from the child? How to understand his refusal and how can you motivate children to study? This is issue may be dealt with in terms of both social and psychological considerations.

How to overcome Fear of Failing?

First of all, a disinterest for homework can be due to the neglect for the topics studied. In this case, children need to know the value of perseverance. What can I do if my child does not like Mathematics? Life is about compromise and each subject can raise and develop general culture standards. Then, having fun when doing homework is possible.

The second factor of fear is competition at school. Today, it seems that competition is necessary in the learning process: it is seen as a driver of motivation. Nevertheless, a view ought to be qualified given that it does not work with every child. Compete is not learning and many children are trying to be the “gifted – student”. The efforts made can lead to exhaustion lack of energy and sadness, which is he last thing to motivate children to study.

Finally, Pressure at home causes psychosocial stress. What if our fears and expectations weighed too much on children’s shoulders? A child who succeeds academically embodies a form of social success. However, parents must not forget that their child is responsible for his own choice. Stress is communicative: anxious parents are a source of stress.

How to get your child to do his homework and organize his notes?

Parents have to accompany their children through their school life by providing them advice for improvement. Still wondering, How to motivate children to study? Well, the best way to motivate a child is to set an example.  One cannot ask a child to do his homework’s if he doesn’t do his job with enthusiasm: you have to be an inspiring person. Sit in front of a table every day, read a newspaper, write a letter, draw, don’t forget to smile: according to the mimesis theory your children will quickly start to do the same.  

Then, you need to take control of television viewing and computer use. One cannot but notice that screens stimulate interest but without any interactivity, they do not encourage any cerebral activity. According to research, sleep disturbance in 6- to 12-year-old is caused because of screen time. As the amount of time spent watching TV goes up, the amount of time devoted not only to homework decreases. Considering these facts, you can try to propose a balance to your child: if he finishes his work, he can get the time on the computer you’ve agreed upon for example.

Last but not least, the solution to the query, How to motivate children to study? is that parents can set up homework routines. Learning and doing homework has to become a habit: this is why you need to enforce a study time and create a study space. Make sure that the goal of each subject is understood. If not, try to establish a dialogue and do not hesitate to use beGalileo or Wisdom Leap in order to have a visual support.  Depending on the kind of homework, you can give some tips to your child. For example, long term assignments are a good opportunity to teach the value of planning and patience.

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