Math at School – Common Parental concerns

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Parental Concerns

If you are the parent of a school going child, chances are you would have had wondered about at least one of these:

  • Why isn’t my child scoring as well in Grade VI math as he used to till Grade V?
  • My child is always the topper in class. But will he be able to match up to work beyond his school walls?
  • If I sign up for an independent self paced program online, who will help her if she gets stuck?

These concerns illustrate the issues faced with the three aspects of Math learning- Concept understanding, Practice, Higher Order and Challenge work

Upto Grade V , Math curriculum is dominated mostly by arithmetic- children learn more procedures here and most students score high. In Grade VI as abstract topics start pouring in, the learning gaps start to make their painful presence felt. This is when the struggle begins. A well designed practice program can help – provided it takes the child , at his own comfortable pace, from easy to hard.

On the other end of the spectrum are the achievers- the shining stars of the class. But they hardly have any exposure beyond the questions they face in school. Hence the challenges are limited , they may not get a chance to try out what lies beyond their own teachers’ question banks. They also do not get a benchmark beyond their own peers.

It is the need to address these concerns that gave rise to beGalileo. It provides

  • Gradated worksheets that go from easy to tough, building skills on the way
  • Solutions that clearly explain the why and how
  • Questions that are specifically designed to address misconceptions and strengthen understanding

Going beyond, we further wanted to add a personal touch to  personalized learning. Tying tech to tradition, we have now added a personal mentor who would guide and help your child, pushing him higher.

We are sure that this is another step in our endeavour to make sure that Math is learnt and understood and not just ‘studied’, where learning gaps are identified and smoothened out early , and every child moves slowly and surely to a high standard of achievement.

We look forward to a day when parents or students get together, they happily discuss problems in Math and not Math as a problem.

Read about success tips for students on beGalileo Blog and know about online math tutoring on beGalileo – Math learning program.

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