Most Std X students below par in English, Math: NCERT

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Time and again, there have been multiple surveys and debates about the sorry state of education in India.


The report found that only 40% students were able to answer correctly in Mathematics and 41% made the cut in English.
The report has pointed lack of conceptual understanding as the primary reason for the poor show.
In a world which is quickly growing to be a complete knowledge economy, our children need better education that they are getting now. And it not about sending them to the best private schools in town. The report clearly points that private school students haven’t done much better than those who study in government or government aided schools.
It is time to change the way teaching is being done. We need to move away from looking at education as score in exams to conceptual understanding, critical thinking and developing analytical ability. It is time to have the best minds as teachers.
Difficult to expect the system to change soon..Time for parents to take charge..Just assuming that sending the child to a good private school ensures good education may not be the best move for our child. They deserve more.
Here is a survey report by NCERT itself on learning achievment of class X students in India-

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