Student Ambassador Program

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beGalileo Student Ambassador Program 


          You like making friends

          You like meeting people

          Communication is your middle name

          You are between 12 to 18 years

Then here is an exciting prospect to put them all to good use.

beGalileo presents an opportunity to Make A Difference.
For those doers and thinkers who did not know where to begin….

Become  the Student Ambassador for beGalileo, the online and self learning Math program that is going to be a game changer in Math learning.

Becoming a beGalileo Student Ambassador will help you hone your people skills and grow your network of contacts.

All that you have to do is encourage students of Grade 1 to 10 and their parents to register for beGalileo’s basic version. You might wonder how much this version costs….Well, didn’t we Indians invent ZERO… 🙂

Piece of cake? There’s more to come…….

You get rewarded for your efforts. An online gift voucher worth Rs. 500 awaits you for every 25 sign ups achieved.

At the end of this academic year, the beGalileo Ambassador with highest sign ups has a surprise in store. Of course, a pleasant one… 🙂

Didn’t we say there’s more to come???

Did we hear you asking for a certificate? Not to worry. We will give you a letter of recognition for your sterling efforts.

Don’t wait. Fill up this form and submit – Enrollment Form. Or, pick up that phone and call us on 94 82 998713. Or, write to us at and convince us why you should be beGalileo’s Student Ambassador.

Do you want to know more about us? Logon to

For further details of this program, please click here.


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