What kind of homework for your child?

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Homework is important in the child development.  It is a rewarding experience for both parents and children. Homework helps parents to know what learning goals within the school are: it constitutes a link between the symbolic spaces of home and school. The importance of homework is strengthening by the variety of homework which can be suggested.

CarveNiche Technologies offers you an overview of this variety of homework.

Preparation homework

This type of homework has to be made before the lesson in order to introduce concepts and notions that will be presented in future lessons. For example, your child can read a text and answer questions related to it. He can also write down his doubts or comments.

Practice and application homework

This type of homework has to reinforce the lesson studied. It has to solidify the progress of one child. For example, your child can find the definition of a concept, he can fill the blank with some  history dates etc.

Extension homework

This type of homework is made to expand the knowledge about one topic. Students are asked to apply skills they already have to new situations. For example, they can write their own stories or drawings about a topic studied in classroom.

Integration and creative homework

This type of homework boosts the synthesis of the topic studied and develops critical thinking. Book reports, science projects or creative writing are the best examples of this kind of homework.

A good learning can only be made with these four types of homework. Self- learning and sharing are important in the process of personal development. Parents can help their children to do preparation homework, then practice and extension homework can be done alone. Finally, integration homework paves the way for a sharing of ideas.

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