Why IIT?

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Many of us have dreams of cracking the infamous JEEs but so few of us know why we want to study there. There is nothing special about the campus, just a bunch of rented buildings, or the teaching. So what makes it the toughest college to get into in Asia? In my opinion the fact that every Indian tries to get in speaks for itself. You end up surrounding yourself with the nation’s brightest students and the very atmosphere created by this is what makes it the most prestigious college in India.

How do I know I want IIT?

It’s simple. If you know you want engineering, along with the rest of India, you want IIT. If you know you want to be the best at what you do, you want IIT. If you’re so very passionate about your field and can’t imagine a future with you not doing that, you want IIT. IIT makes sure that you get the best in every way possible. From internships to placements, IIT gets you your dream job, even, arguably, the best future you can imagine, but maybe not in the science you love.

What makes it so difficult?

It’s the sheer statistics that makes it hard. Out of almost 20 lakh applicants, a mere 10 thousand qualify to take up a seat at an IIT and beating more than 19 lakh others is no small task. The questions get harder and getting a seat is tougher than ever. What complicates matters is the fact that you have to be in the top thousand to get a seat in the stream of your choice. For computer science you need to be in the top five hundred. Imagine getting into an IIT to study a science you have always hated.

When do I start preparing?

It’s entirely up to you. If you’re sure it’s IIT you want, however low the probability is you might get in, you start preparing. If you find a love for math in 9th standard and you’re sure you want nothing less than the best among you, start preparing. The moment your future plan has you studying in IIT, start preparing. If you’re sure you want to be famous in the future and that involves IIT, start preparing. If you think your life is going down the drain and you want to turn it around, start preparing.

Just remember, the sky is the limit.

                                                                                                                      – Shreyas Ashok Kumar, Class XI , Student Contributor

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