4 Reasons why Math Enrichment Programs are Superior!

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Is Math Enrichment better than Math Tuition?

Well, what difference does it make? As long as my child scores well in the next exam, should I worry about the difference?

If your thinking is similar to the above, you’re not alone! In this rushed world, it just seems fine if our core and immediate objectives are met! Very few parents have the time to understand nuances and identify what works well for our children over the long term. After all, did not the famed economist John Maynard Keynes say – “In the long run, we’re all dead”?

How is a Math enrichment program different?

Even though ‘tuition’ and ‘enrichment’ are sometimes used interchangeably, they are different from their core purpose standpoint.

Promotes self-learning

Enrichment is designed to develop traits needed for lifelong learning, by getting children to be enthusiastic and passionate towards learning –  as it promotes the key life skill of ‘self learning’ in kids.

Develops appreciation for Math

Children benefitting from enrichment learn to appreciate Math concepts, enjoy their nuances and more importantly, get to pace themselves in discovering the wonders of Math, even in the absence of any external prod or push.

Builds enthusiasm

Enrichment programs comprise a rewarding routine of fun filled board games, mind exercises, thought provoking reading materials and the like, which inspires children to learn.

Elevates the ability to think

Typically, the self-learning mind, once awakened, keeps adding on new dimensions in thinking (many times, subconsciously!) and seldom goes to sleep.

On the other hand, good tuitions are effective and bring targeted results for the specific exams they’re directed at. However, they do not drive ‘self learning’ and remain strongly dependent on the tutor’s approach and focus.

Math Enrichment Program

An analogy – to something that’s equally important for well meaning parents!

It may help to compare the concept of enrichment to another important topic for parents – health. Tuitions are effective and are the equivalent of targeted dietary supplements and medicines that provide specific benefits to the body. However, they seldom strengthen the body’s own capabilities to act in their absence. Enrichment is the equivalent of enhancing body capabilities by bringing in a much broader focus – to develop key aspects such as immunity, strength, stamina etc. over weeks and months. It is, by design, a combination of balanced diet, fresh air, well thought out regimen of yoga and exercises – all of which, after a few months, add to the body’s own strength. And the icing on the cake is – it’s specific to the specific person and his/ her body type. What would you prefer for your child?

How effective is beGalileo for Math enrichment? 

beGalileo’s core philosophy is that every child is special and has a learning curve, unique to him/ her. Clearly, each child may differ in terms of preparedness, conceptual clarity, skill set, learning style and interest levels. Our customized teaching methodologies are designed to get the child interested in the fun-filled subject, by focusing the child’s attention on clear understanding of math concepts and the application of concepts in real life.

How do we do it?

Any child enrolling at beGalileo is first assessed comprehensively to best understand the existing level of math preparedness and importantly, to carefully identify areas of strengths and areas of improvement. This assessment helps beGalileo design a customized learning path that’s unique to the child.

The personalized course curriculum is supported by a host of features like animated video lessons, personalized workbooks and online practice sessions & tests etc. Interesting board & online games make the journey more exciting for children. You can find the best Math enrichment programme in Indonesia, India, Srilanka and Malaysia.

beGalileo designs curriculum depending on the learning gaps and level of preparedness of the child and gradually grooms them to challenge their limits, having fun along the way. With a holistic approach to math, and suitably supported by a defined curriculum aimed at building thinking and reasoning skills, beGalileo addresses every child’s unique learning requirement. Customized learning path supported by unique content & exciting teaching methodologies is beGalileo’s USP!

In summary

Let’s remember this quote for the benefit of our children – Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. Acting today to identify the right enrichment solution, can do a world of good to the child’s long term future and success! Best of luck!

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