beGalileo Affiliate Partnership Program

We are looking for beGalileo Affiliate Partners across India. They will be responsible for creating awareness about the beGalileo learning program among the teachers and students community and increasing our reach in the community.

Who can be a beGalileo Affiliate Partner?

Educators and teachers working with students in schools or after school programs.

Home makers who have a science/engineering or commerce degree and are motivated to explore new generation learning programs.

Individuals with previous experience of selling products and solutions to schools.

Benefits of being a beGalileo Affiliate Partner

Becoming a beGalileo Affiliate Partner is a great opportunity for individuals who have an interest in education and are keen to disrupt the deep rooted rote-based learning system with a new learning paradigm where students take charge of their own learning with understanding.

Some of the important benefits of the program are

Work part-time from home and have an additional income.

Spread the gift of meaningful learning.

Leverage your connect and skill set among the student community.

Help students adopt latest technology to improve learning outcomes.

Enjoy a stress-free and meaningful occupation.

Your earning is completely governed by your efforts. We offer very attractive revenue sharing options for our partners. There is no upfront joining fee for the program.

You can share your details with us and our team will get in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, you can call our mobile number +91-9482998713