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UNMASK test is scientifically designed by a team of Cambridge certified educators to test the conceptual understanding of the child at the current grade level. The test challenges students to apply their learning and thinking through thought-provoking, non-standard questions. UNMASK helps to identify strengths and learning gaps of the students and in turn helps in planning an academic future for the child.

Test Details

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    The test is comprised of skill-based multiple choice questions.The test will be conducted at two levels. Top 5% students from level 1 will be eligible for level 2

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    It is a no preparation test, as it checks for conceptual learning at grade level.

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    Round 1 Result: Dec 05, 2018
    Round 2: Dec 12, 2018 (In schools), Dec 16, 2018 (In blc centers)
    Round 2 Result: Jan 30, 2019

  • Reports & certificates will be sent to respective schools and BLCs from 22nd December 2018.

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    Students from Grade 1 to 8 across CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and State boards are eligible to write this test.

    Details of the test with the Registration forms have been sent to all schools registered with us and beGalileo learning centers.
    Schools not registered can get details by sending an email to unmask@begalileo.com or call on 99406-31868

    Grade Wise recognition

    • Gold medal and cash prize of Rs 10,000+ Educational software worth Rs 6000

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    • Silver medal and cash prize of Rs 7,500 + Educational software worth Rs 6000

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    • Bronze medal and cash prize of Rs 5,000 + Educational software worth Rs 6000

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    • Cash prize of Rs 2,500 + Educational software worth Rs 6000

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    • Educational software worth Rs 6000

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    Why UNMASK?

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