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Morning shows the day, childhood shows the man – so goes the saying!

A meaningful childhood, replete with sound logical evolution of child’s brain, better ability to visualize and analyze – is not just a precursor for a smart child but also a key contributor in making the world a better place with logical & confident human beings.

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beGalileo’s advanced AI framework, pedagogy automation, visual & physical learning artifacts are all designed to let the child define scalable steps in her journey to reach this goal.

Our Journey

We realize that this journey of bringing change is not a sprint but a marathon where we have to continuously evolve to handle the educational needs and learning styles of students across the world. We have set for ourselves goal posts and mile markers to make sure we stay on course.

Self-paced Math learning system

Engaging content, Knowledge Graph, Games, Certified Teachers

Personalized Intelligent Mathematical Thinking Program

AI and ML, Dynamically Synchronised, Critical Thinking, Multi channel learning ecosystem

No child let down for his/her lack of expertise in Math

“Albert Einstein had once said, “Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”

A strong foundation in math is not only essential for academic success but plays a major role in later career choices and growth.

At beGalileo, our focus is on a 360 degree approach to learning math with a focus on conceptual understanding, problem solving, procedural skills and fluency, and application. Our endeavour is to ensure students get a deeper appreciation of what it means to think mathematically and to use mathematics to help in their daily lives.”

Ms. Avneet Makkar

Founder & CEO

Our Impact

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Why our program is called beGalileo?

The program is named after Galileo Galilei, an eminent 17th century mathematician. Besides being a spectacular mathematician, he was an equally brilliant physicist, philosopher and engineer.

Galileo is credited for amazing scientific discoveries which revolutionized the world in the centuries that followed. He made the telescopic observation of the phases of Venus and confirmed the four largest satellites of Jupiter. Following this discovery, to honour Galileo, Jupiter moons were named after him as Galilean moons. Furthermore, his services are noted in the applied science and technology.

One of the most significant contributions of Galileo is the Heliocentric theory which showed that all planets revolved around the sun. The earlier belief system was that Earth was the centre of the universe, with everything moving around it. This view was endorsed by the Catholic Church which was very powerful at that time. They felt so strongly about it that they put him under house arrest for the rest of his life. But his work changed physics forever.

So, at beGalileo, our endeavour is to help our children develop skills to be logical and critical thinkers so that they can grow up and make significant contributions to mankind.