About beGalileo - Math Learning Program

beGalileo is a product of CarveNiche Technologies - a company on a mission to revolutionize education through innovation, personalization and technology.


Every revolution is powered by innovative thinking. This belief lies at the heart of CarveNiche and everything we create. By integrating the latest technologies with a sound understanding of real-world learning challenges faced by students, teachers and parents, we aim to bring best of class technology based learning solutions for the 21st century learner.

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beGalileo takes the first and largest step from standardized mass education to custom, personalized lessons based on each child's requirements.


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Our product is the latest in learning technology – constantly evolving using machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics.


Our core team comes from an environment of high academic excellence and technology expertise. We bring to work our vision of bringing world class affordable, personalized learning to every child across the globe.

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Our Investors

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Mumbai Angels is today amongst India's leading angel group. With investments across sectors like education, IT, Healthcare, consumer internet etc. Mumbai Angels is the first investor in many large and successful startups in India.

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Calcutta Angels is a fast growing angel investor group comprising of many highly successful entrepreneurs. It is the first structured platform of this kind in Eastern India. In a short time span, Calcutta Angels portfolio has grown manifold with investments across many leading technology startups across sectors.

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Lead Angels an early stage angel network and the first group focused on alumni of pedigree educational institutions. The network is now spread across Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and New Delhi and invests in high growth companies across sectors.