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Class 3 Math Worksheets

Gain insight on strategies on multiplication and division, fractions, areas of shapes, and many other Grade 3 level skills. Develop abstract and quantitative reasoning ability, modeling with math, and more using Grade 3 Math worksheets.

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Addition up to 4-Digit Numbers

Students of Grade 3 can solve the worksheets on Addition Without Regrouping with the helps of concepts and methods like Forward counting, Base 10 blocks, Balancing both sides, and more.

Subtraction up to 4-Digit Numbers

Class 3 Math worksheets consist of multiple choice questions on Subtraction Without Regrouping with the help of sums on Backward counting, Split and subtract.

Place Values - Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones

3rd grade math worksheets cover the topics of Place Values - Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones with the subtopics and question categories like Standard and Expanded form, Place value of underlined digit, Building 5 digit number, Symbol representation and more.

Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Grade 3 Math worksheets include questions related to Comparing and Ordering Numbers with the help of Largest and Smallest number, Comparing 4 digit numbers, Place value chart, Ascending and Descending order. These concepts and methods help the students in understanding the topic better.

Geometry - Quadrilaterals

Math worksheets for 3rd grade related to complex level mathematics. Find questions related to: Parallel sides to solve Identify Quadrilateral by the shown shape, Types of quadrilaterals, Counting shapes.

Geometry - Polygons

Math worksheet with questions on Geometry - Polygons with the help of Types of Polygons, Diamond, Triangle, Octogon, Pentagon, Hexagon, Identify Polygon by shown shape.


Class 3 students can solve worksheets on Fractions. It includes questions related to Finding equal fractions, Numerator and Denominator.


Math worksheets for Grade 3 students on Decimals. It includes questions related to Place Value & Tenths, abacus table, fraction and decimal representations, mixed fraction.

Addition by Regrouping

Addition with regrouping is performed by carrying over a digit to the previous column. Practice challenging problems using the worksheets.

Subtraction by Regrouping

Subtraction with regrouping is performed by carrying over a digit from the previous column. Practice challenging problems using the worksheets.

Rounding Numbers

Learn and practice approximating numbers using certain rules to ake perform arithmetic operations on large numbers easier.

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent fractions are fractions that have different numerators and denominators but are equal to the same value and give the same mathematical meanings. Practice identifying equivalent fractions of any given fraction and also learn to perform different operations on them through our worksheets.

Compare Like Fractions

Learn and practice comparing fractions using certain rules and also perform arithmetic operations on them.

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