Class 3 Math Worksheets

Gain insight on strategies on multiplication and division, fractions, areas of shapes, and many other Grade 3 level skills. Develop abstract and quantitative reasoning ability, modeling with math, and more using Grade 3 Math worksheets.

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Addition up to 4-Digit Numbers

Students of Grade 3 can solve the worksheets on Addition Without Regrouping with the helps of concepts and methods like Forward counting, Base 10 blocks, Balancing both sides, and more.

Subtraction up to 4-Digit Numbers

Class 3 Math worksheets consist of multiple choice questions on Subtraction Without Regrouping with the help of sums on Backward counting, Split and subtract.

Place Values - Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones

3rd grade math worksheets cover the topics of Place Values - Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones with the subtopics and question categories like Standard and Expanded form, Place value of underlined digit, Building 5 digit number, Symbol representation and more.

Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Grade 3 Math worksheets include questions related to Comparing and Ordering Numbers with the help of Largest and Smallest number, Comparing 4 digit numbers, Place value chart, Ascending and Descending order. These concepts and methods help the students in understanding the topic better.

Geometry - Quadrilaterals

Math worksheets for 3rd grade related to complex level mathematics. Find questions related to: Parallel sides to solve Identify Quadrilateral by the shown shape, Types of quadrilaterals, Counting shapes.

Geometry - Polygons

Math worksheet with questions on Geometry - Polygons with the help of Types of Polygons, Diamond, Triangle, Octogon, Pentagon, Hexagon, Identify Polygon by shown shape.


Class 3 students can solve worksheets on Fractions. It includes questions related to Finding equal fractions, Numerator and Denominator.


Math worksheets for Grade 3 students on Decimals. It includes questions related to Place Value & Tenths, abacus table, fraction and decimal representations, mixed fraction.

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