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Class 4 Math Worksheets

Discover strategies for operations with higher-value numbers, geometrical forms, everyday transactions, and a variety of other Grade 4 level activities. Develop abstract and critical thinking skills, as well as modeling and math skills with Grade 4 Math worksheets.

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Geometry - Lines and Rays

Students of Grade 4 can solve the worksheets on Lines, Rays and Lines of Symmetry with the helps of concepts and methods like Straight lines, Line segments, Geometrical representation, Types of lines and more.


Class 4 Math worksheets consist of multiple choice questions on Types of Angles with sub-topics like Acute, Obtuse, Straight angles, Clock hands, Angles in shapes

Convert Between Place Values

4th grade math worksheets cover the topics of Number sense with the subtopics and question categories like Place value, Face value, Ten thousands, Hundred thousands place and more.

Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Grade 4 Math worksheets include questions related to Comparing and Ordering numbers with the help of Greatest and smallest number, Ascending and descending order. These concepts and methods help the students in understanding the topic better.

Addition up to 6-Digits

Math worksheets for 4th grade related to complex level mathematics. Find questions to identify addition problems with topics like: Horizontal and vertical addition to solve Addition up to 100,000 & 1,000,000 with the help of Missing digits, Word problems.

Fun With Addition

Subtraction up to 6-Digits

Subtraction questions with the help of concepts like Subtraction up to 100,000 & 1,000,000, Missing digits, Word problems, Pattern identification.

Fun With Subtraction


Class 4 students can solve worksheets on Multiplication. It includes questions related to Single-digit Multiplication, Multiplication sentences for arrays, Input - Rule - Output.


Solve different and interesting problems on division by single and multi-digit numbers.

Geometry - Classify 2D Shapes

Understand the definition of 2D shapes and learn to classify them based on their attributes as well as properties.

Factors and Multiples

Solve many problems and practice finding factors and multiples of whole numbers, using the following worksheets. Also find interesting solutions for the same.

Math Games and Quiz

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