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Class 6 Math Worksheets

Learn and practice problems on Algebra, Fractions, Decimals, Multiplication sums, division sums, and more using Grade 6 worksheets

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Addition and Subtraction of Integers

Students of Grade 6 can solve the worksheets on Addition and Subtraction of Integers with the help of concepts and methods like Positive and Negative Integers, Whole numbers, Identification in terms of temperature and sea level, Comparing integers, Integer statements and more.

Multiplication and Division of Integers

Class 6 Math worksheets consist of multiple-choice questions on Multiplication and Division of Integers with the help of questions on Finding the product, Multiplication and Division of Positives and Negatives, Finding number of positives and negatives, Multiplying negative numbers odd and even times.

Add and Subtract Fractions

6th grade math worksheets cover the topics of Compare, Add and Subtract Fractions with the subtopics and question categories like Fraction representation, Finding greatest and smallest fraction, GCF, Arranging fractions, Convert unlike fractions into like fractions and more.

Multiply and Divide Fractions

Grade 6 Math worksheets include questions related to Multiplication and Division of Fractions with the help of Reducing fractions into the lowest form, Finding equivalent fractions, Mixed fractions. These concepts and methods help the students in understanding the topic better.

Ordering and Converting Decimals

Math worksheets for 6th grade related to complex level mathematics. Find questions related to Rounding, Ordering, and Converting Decimals with the help of Expanded form of decimal numbers, Like and unlike decimal fractions, Finding whole number and fractional part, Comparing decimal numbers.

Operations on Decimals

Operations on Decimals with the help of Place value chart, Addition, Subtraction, Product or Multiplication and Division, Finding quotient, Converting grams to kilograms.

Word Problems on Fractions

Class 6 students can solve worksheets on Real-World Problems on Fractions. It includes questions related to Word problems, Cutting into equal parts, Distance covered, and Money spent.

Word Problems on Decimals

Math worksheets for Grade 6 students on Real-World Problems on Decimals. It includes questions related to Word problems, Rounding off decimal numbers, Time taken, Distance covered, Weight comparison.


Questions on Comparing and ordering numbers using different techniques like Finding GCF, Listing method, Finding LCM, Natural and prime numbers.

Prime Factorization

Solve Grade 3 math worksheets based on the concept of measurements. It includes questions related to Finding GCF and LCM of two or more numbers, Finding prime factors, natural numbers.

Measuring and Constructing Segments and Angles

Solve many problems and practice different methods to construct line segments and angles, using the following worksheets. Also find interesting solutions for the same.


Understand the definition of a circle and learn to identify its attributes as well as properties.

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