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Class 7 Math Worksheets

Examine and Solve Problems on Arithmetic Operations on Rational Numbers, Exponents, Graphs, Trigonometry, and a lot of other topics using Grade 7 Worksheets

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Addition & Subtraction Sums of Rational Numbers

Students of Grade 7 can solve the worksheets on Add and Subtract Rational Numbers with the help of concepts and methods like Simplify sums, Comparing rational numbers, Addition and Subtraction and more.

Multiplication and Division Sums of Rational Numbers

Class 7 Math worksheets consist of multiple-choice questions on Multiply and Divide Rational Numbers with the help of sums on Multiply or divide to simplify, Evaluate and compare two rational numbers, Product of two rational numbers.

Properties of Arithmetic Operations on Rational Numbers

7th grade math worksheets cover the topics of Associative, Commutative and Distributive Properties with the subtopics and question categories like Additive and Multiplicative inverses, Multiplicative identity, Additive identity, Commutative property over addition and multiplication and more.

Real-World Problems on Rational Numbers

Grade 7 Math worksheets include questions related to Real-World Problems on Rational Numbers with the help of Arranging rational numbers in ascending or descending order to find the distance, weight, cost, length, temperature etc. These concepts and methods help the students in understanding the topic better.

Ratios & Proportions

Math worksheets for 7th grade related to complex level mathematics. Find questions related to Ratio and Proportion with the help of Count and write the ratio, Convert into simple ratio, Distribution and sharing word problems, Unit rates and percentage.


Introductions to Exponents with the help of Base, Power, Positive index form, Standard and exponential form, Ascending and descending order, Laws of exponents.


Class 7 students can solve worksheets on Explore Variables, Constants, Like and Unlike Terms. It includes questions related to Variables and constants, Finding number of terms, variables and constants from expressions, Literal coefficients.

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