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9 Fun and productive activities for kids and grown-ups for the holiday season

October 12, 2022
Reading Time: 4 minutes

We often tend to let go of the free time we get during the holiday season. It’s a common practice of planning one day at a time or worse, just the next few hours. However, if you plan your to-dos for the entire holiday season, it can prove to be much more productive and the free time will be put to better use.

Here are a few productive activities that can still be fun.

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1. Get a good collection and read

Reading is a great escape from the chaos of the holiday season. Books are also an excellent way to bond with the members in your family! Simply reading any random book or just selecting a book based on recommendations can be difficult to start and continue with. You might end up reading a few pages and pushing the book away due to disinterest. To avoid this, build a collection based on your interest. Also, even if the book seemed interesting at the start, is highly recommended, and yet it doesn’t pull your interest, then it’s not your fault. You can hop to another book without any guilt. There’s no point in torturing yourself into reading a book that just isn’t your taste.

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2. Not a book person? Then watch

It’s perfectly fine if none of the books pulls your interest. Sitting back and picturing the same in the form of videos and movies can be an interesting activity too. From educational videos to documentaries and even sci-fi movies, select the ones you wish to watch and make a list. Plan it based on your availability. Web series without binge-watching can be fun and interesting too.

3. Volunteer for what you care

Helping out an NGO or contributing to cleaning up the beach, go volunteering for a cause that you truly believe in. Think of ways to support that cause and find a practical way to serve and contribute. After all, what better way to productively spend your holiday time than by helping out another person or community?

4. Upskill

Learning a new language, a new technology, or adopting a new hobby like cooking, painting etc are ways to upskill yourself. How do you learn them? Go to experts who take up classes or register for online classes to learn it from the comfort of your home. You can also take this chance to learn a new skill from the members of your family. Upskilling not only builds confidence but opens doors for new horizons. Learning something new strengthens your personality and adds new facets to your skill-set.

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5. Visit places

With museums, forts and more educational tours, kids can learn a lot about various subjects. Mixing travelling with learning makes up the best educational activity one can have. Suitable for both kids and adults, at least one place must be visited during the holiday season. Taking a vacation is also a great way to distract you from the craze of the holiday season. It’s a lovely way to bond with the family and explore your interests.

6. Reconnect with people

During regular work days, we often tend to lose connection with friends and extended family. The holiday season is the best time for it. You not only reconnect and rebuild the bond but also create a stronger base for your network. Re-kindle old friendships and meet with people that you once lost connection with.

7. Build

Take up DIYs beneficial for your home or catch up with the unfinished Lego which was sitting on your shelf for a long time. Finish it off and pat yourself on the back. Let your brain be engaged in the activity and get in some creativity too. The energy that you have built up inside you from the stress of holiday planning- put it all to good use by re-directing your energy into something productive.

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8. Declutter

Find that unwanted stuff lying around or dig into the shelves to check the ones you have never been using. You will either give it away or start using it. Either way, it’s beneficial as you declutter things and keep only the ones that you need. Messes tend to nag at the back of your brain, and you’ll be in a much calmer head-space if the place in which you reside is in a good and clean condition.

9. Solve quizzes

Brain-teasing games, math quizzes, sudoku, crosswords and so many more. They are easily available online, in newspapers, magazines etc. Just find one and start solving. It will only lead to a sharper mind or better vocabulary. Make it a family activity, where every morning you all solve a crossword together.