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Advantages of beGalileo: An online adaptive learning platform

November 18, 2022
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Adaptive Learning Platform

beGalileo is an online adaptive learning platform. The key feature of beGalileo is that, it adapts itself to the learning pace of the child. The difficulty level of a question that the child receives is based on his answer of the preceding question. If a question is answered correctly, the next question would have an increased level of difficulty. Whereas, if a question is not answered correctly, beGalileo decreases the difficulty level to ascertain the level of understanding of the student. Even after decreasing the difficulty level, if the student fails to answer the question correctly, the system gives questions to identify the related concepts that the child probably does not understand and because of which he is not able to master the new concept. The student then gets remedial lessons to bridge the learning gaps for topics, he does not understand well.

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Also, the learning plan can be changed as per the requirements. Parents have the flexibility to choose topics from one class below and one class above the child’s current class. The parents can do so from any remote location as beGalileo can be accessed from the web or from an android phone too! They can also give assignments based on the topics that are already covered. The questions appear automatically without the parent having to select the same

The unique feature of beGalileo is that, parents get a real-time report of their child’s progress and this way, they can keep a track on their child’s progress. The parents do not have to physically be next to the child but can decide, plan and track the child’s learning plan from anywhere, anytime.

beGalileo comes with a subscription of one year. So, during the span of one year, children can access the lessons and work on them for any number of times and remedial lessons would be provided to them every time they go wrong. This way, the child’s education becomes a hassle free process and that said, the parent does not have to worry much about the child’s learning process apart from designing a learning plan. However, the student can stick on to the default learning plan provided by beGalileo.

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