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How to Make Math Interesting for Students – Create Positive Attitude

June 08, 2022
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We speak about evergreen heroes in our movies, but when it comes to the education system, Math is the ‘evergreen villain‘. Most(but not all) students hate or fear Math. And this hatred is the first obstacle to excelling in math and we, as Parents and Teachers, always wonder, how to make Maths interesting for students.

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How to make math interesting

So here are a few points from the beGalileo team to help your child have a positive attitude towards Math.

  • Identify learning gaps and rectify them
  • Encourage small achievements
  • Make the child a part of Math Talk beyond the textbook – at the petrol bunk, while baking, when you talk to the carpenter.
  • Practice practice practice – in Math, Familiarity breeds friendship!
  • Help them build a step by step approach to problem solving.
  • Give them Gradated worksheets – ones that gradually move from easy to challenging
  • Help them find Math around them – in Music, Architecture, and Poetry.

In fact, these are the basic building blocks around which beGalileo has been designed, so that you no longer need to worry about how to make Maths interesting for students. Reason enough for us to say with confidence:

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