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How to support your child’s learning while balancing other priorities

August 17, 2022
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Whoever decided 24 hours are enough to cook, clean, eat, sleep, work to earn a living, and help your kids with their schoolwork was either drunk or blissfully unaware of the myriad tasks one has to fit into a single day. The most common groan I’ve heard from hyper mothers like me is the hassle of balancing their professional commitments, house work, and their kids’ school studies. Education these days has become more demanding than when I was in school– I can’t recall a single day when my dad or mom participated in my studies. Today however, it has become necessary for parents to help their children in the learning process; time and patience levels notwithstanding.

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If you are wondering how you can help your child with daily schoolwork without compromising on your home time or office time, try these few tips. They have worked for me; I hope you’ll benefit too.

Tip #1: Set up a learning calendar This is the first thing you should do, if you are a working parent. Make a daily timetable along with your child, planning out various school to-dos (homework, extra learning, etc.). This will help you manage your work time and your child’s study time better.

Tip #2: Use technology to your advantage Kids these days are smart when it comes to technology. There is an increasing use of computers, iPads, tablets, and smartphones in every household today. Use this to your advantage. There are many good learning tools available to help students’ master concepts. Personalized learning tools are even better as they adapt to the child’s pace of learning and hence keep them motivated.

Tip #3: Plan weekly learning activities Learning is not theory alone; it has to be supplemented with a great deal of practical assignments. Plan out weekly learning activities centered on schoolwork as well as focusing on some extra knowledge.

Tip #4: Give away ample rewards to keep your child engaged Motivation is key to keeping your child engaged and proactive when it comes to learning, especially complex subjects. Shower your kid with rewards for doing daily lessons and homework on time. For instance, a trip to the park over the weekend on satisfactory completion of the week’s scheduled lessons; a movie outing with friends, etc.

Tip #5: Get involved in school and group activities Even if your work schedules keep you busy five days a week, make it a point to attend meetings in school and other group activities that involve your child. PTA is an excellent platform to know more about your child and the pattern of study followed in the school. It is also an excellent opportunity to interact with other parents. Never miss any school activity that can help your child in developing his or her learning skills.

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