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Mathematics – the foe that turned friend- Thoughts from beGalileo mom

May 11, 2022
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It was sometime back in 1986. I was to have my 10th standard board exam in a few months. I still remember, fiercely declaring to my mom that I won’t be doing ANY math after my board exam, in my whole life, never ever again . During the month of study leave before the exam, I had to practice math for minimum 4 hours, making me hate the subject even more and stronger in my determination to be free of it.

I felt relieved after the boards- Yes, I did it, I was done with the nagging monster subject one and for all – or so I thought. But the brave and determined declaration that I made to mom could not stand, not at all. Inspite of my best efforts, I could not break free. I needed to calculate my percentage to fill in my PU application (though I had thought I could escape by choosing a non-Math group) Soon the truth hit me. Mathematics would not leave me my whole life. I had to do a lot of mathematics during my graduation, though my subject was economics. And then, marriage and motherhood brought in newer challenges. I had to measure 30 ml of liquid medicine with a 5 ml measuring cup. And of course to be a smart buyer I have to do a lot of Math to figure out the ‘smart buys’. Math continued its villainous presence in my daily life.

And then, it only got worse – my son started coming to me with his notebook for clearing a doubt. I am pretty good at all the subjects. I can explain him each and every doubt he had in different subjects. But mathematics!! Every time he came with a new problem, my heart filled with agony of making my son disheartened.

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Finally one day, my tech savvy husband remarked – “why don’t you browse online for Math help?” (Why did he not suggest this earlier??!!!). “Technology has solutions to everything” he said. How can a machine even understand my son’s specific doubt and explain it to him at his level was what I thought. And browsing through so many “math help” websites this thought strengthened. They were definitely not suitable for my child’s specific needs.

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All this was until I stumbled on to beGalileo. beGalileo firstly, considered my child as an individual- a specific person with specific doubts who knows certain things and does not know certain other. beGalileo first finds out what you know, and starts building from there (isn’t that the most reasonable thing to do). And it does everything at my child’s level. No rush, no drag.

Now my son and I are totally hooked to beGalileo. He enjoys solving the sums and claiming his badges and we both watch the videos together. I am amazed at how the videos help him understand the reason behind each concept, thus making him enjoy his Math time.

So, that is how self declared Mathhater that I was, is now trying out Grade 9 Math problems in my free time. Where was the technology back in 1986!! I could have enjoyed this wonderful subject and scored much higher without all the agony. Technology does have the miraculous effect – I realize.

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