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Pi Day or Pi Approximation Day?

December 02, 2021
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22nd July… or rather 22/7…. Does that seem familiar?

Yes! It seems like the fraction 22/7 – an approximation for pi!

While the west celebrates Pi day on 14th March( 3/14 – as they write dates in the month/date format)as 3.14 is the decimal approximation of pi to two decimal places, shouldn’t we be celebrating on 22/7? Think about it.

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Few Pi Facts on Pi Day

  • Pi is the ratio of the circumference to diameter of a circle – any circle. This means, divide the circumference of any circle by its diameter and we get pi.
  • 22/7 is NOT the value of pi – it is just an approximation – rather a way to try and explain pi before you have learnt about irrational numbers, never ending decimals and such high and mighty stuff.
  • Pi is irrational – no, that does not mean Pi does things without thinking twice(like jumping a traffic signal or taking selfies at cliff edges). It means that Pi cannot be represented accurately as a fraction(22/7 is an approximation, remember). That gives rise to jokes such as these.
  • And as a consequence of being irrational, the decimal form of pi has endless(or rather end unknown as yet) decimal places. Remember how ‘Pi’ Patel writes down the digits in the movie ‘Life of Pi’?
  • Here’s an experiment on trying to find out what pi ‘sounds’ like.

Now that’s enough facts for now! try and find more facts about this fascinating number. Remember to share them with us too!

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