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Preparing for the New Academic Year

January 04, 2022
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For students in most part of the country, this week marks a new beginning – a fresh start to another academic year. New beginnings are always exciting, for they give us another chance – to reflect and ‘reboot’. This year, as you make your short term and long term goals, remember to add one point – to make peace with an old foe.

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Which is the subject that troubles you most? Math( do we hear a loud yes?), Social Science, Chemistry or Language? Whatever it may be, start the year with a peace treaty. Resolve to face the subject with a positive attitude. Find the obstacles that are stopping you from enjoying and excelling in the subject. If it’s language, get beyond text books and read story books(start from kid books, if needed), watch movies in that language. Is it chemistry? Find out how chemistry is all around you, from your toothpaste to your ice cream. Humour can help melt the hatred between you and the subject. Use a physics experiment to play a prank, read Math comics, watch videos on social studies. The possibilities are endless. But it all starts with a positive attitude.

And yes, do not hesitate get help – from teachers, siblings, parents, books…And of course there’s always beGalileo and WisdomLeap that have turned the most dreaded subjects to enjoyable learning for many thousands of students.

Once you make up to mind, and be steadfast in your determination, your goal cannot be far away.

All the best to an amazing journey of life long learning.

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