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Why beGalileo Mathematical thinking program is a great choice for your child?

beGalileo = Math + Logic + Coding Mathematical thinking is the ability to identify and solve problems using mathematical methods.

coding-program Program covers math, logic and coding designed by experts from IIT and Cambridge
live-class LIVE 1-to-1 classes with expert teachers, twice a week. No recorded lessons
game-learning Game based learning software for practice at home
global-curriculum Global curriculum: Cambridge, US Common Core, IB, CBSE, ICSE etc
visual-simulation Visual simulations of concepts for better understanding


Know why parents of thousands of students love beGalileo..

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“The beGalileo program has given amazing results for my child. My daughter was not confident in math and it was never a subject she wanted to spend time on.”

Mrs. Bandana Purohit
Parent of Nandani, Grade 4
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"With beGalileo, my son has gone from being good to excellent. He has generally been good at Math in school, so my decision to take the beGalileo program was to take him to the next level".

Mrs. Rajani Iswani
Parent of Daksh, Grade 3
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"My son's math scores have greatly improved with beGalileo. He was facing issues with Math at school for the last couple of years".

Mr. Krishna Mohan
Parent of Dhruva, Grade 8

beGalileo's Mathematical Thinking program is recognised by leaders across the world.

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Accredited by STEM.org

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World's first Microsoft partner for AI in Education


Content reviewed and empaneled by India's leading educational board