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From A+ On the Report Card
To In-Demand Future Skills
Gift your child the POWER of Smart Thinking,
Confidence in Math and Coding Skills at the right age - All In One Place!
AI - Assisted
Detailed Diagnostic & Personal Assessment of each child
Logic and Coding Games for Thinking skills and Problem Solving
Progress tracking app for parents
Timely Topic-wise tests | Certificates | Parent Easy - Access Progress Tracking App
1 : 1 Online Classes
1-on-1 Online classes with Expert Teachers twice a week
Alexa Voice Skill
Interactive learning with Alexa Voice and intelligent interlude for Parents
Videos, Worksheets, Online Games, Peer Interactions and Expert Teacher

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Students Testimonials

Don't just take our word. See these incredible reviews from our students.

Don't just take our word. See these incredible reviews from our students.

Begalileo has provided me the opportunity to increase and enhance my knowledge . It made it easier for me to understand

Juan Viktor, Grade 9

BeGalileo helping me to be confident in math. After few classes, I started to understand math very well .


I love beGalileo classes and the teachers. I never want to end the class.


Is Math the Monster?

No, Bad Teaching is.

Your child hates or fears math formulae, symbols and word problems because it's taught in a boring fashion at school. This makes it hard to connect math to their day-to-day life.

beGalileo uses coding to give real-life visualisation of math concepts to kids. Every student does a Capstone project every 6 weeks.

Why Math & Coding?

#Fact: Math skills add to better-earning potential later in the future.

Besides near-term benefits like improvement in the overall scores in school exams, future jobs require math, logic, coding, thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning skills that can be developed using Math.

beGalileo is a 3-in-1(Coding + Math + Logic) program proven to build critical skills at the school level.

Why use Tech, Games & AI ?

Does your child need extra support with Word Problems? Or Fractions? Or focus? How will You Know?.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

The use of artificial intelligence identifies individual learning gaps and strengths of each child which helps personalise the learning to meet individual needs. The use of games and puzzles help sharpen the child's creative thinking.

beGalileo uses Multi-dimensional Learning with Short Videos, 1:1 Online Classes, Expert Teachers, Simulations, Gamified Practice, Coding, Capstone Projects

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Our Founders

Ms. Avneet Makkar

Founder & CEO

Mr. Vivek Shaurya

Managing Director & Chief Experience Officer (Co-Founder)

How beGalileo works


Your child will go through a unique beGalileo Machine Learning based Math assessment test called MIDAS


The inbuilt intelligent system uses the results of MIDAS to build the learning profile of each child based on his/her strengths, learning gaps, interests and knowledge level.
This is used to create a personalised learning experience for the child to suit individual needs and priorities.


You get access to the entire portal with Topic wise Videos lessons, Worksheets PDFs, Games, Interactive activities, Alexa Voice Skills Interactions and timely tests.


You get 2 LIVE classes every week with Expert teachers on every topic and doubt solving session.


As a parent, you get access to Student Progress Tracking App and regular PTMs through your dedicated Academic Success Manager.
BONUS : Free Grade Level eBooks for each concept


Get 7 Days Refund Guarantee After Purchase
(Limited Time Offer) After 7 Days you get a refund of the remaining class money, which gets calculated on a pro-rated basis

70,000 Students Worldwide are part of beGalileo Program

Parents Testimonials

Don't just take our word. See these incredible reviews from our parents

Don't just take our word. See these incredible reviews from our parents

beGalileo changed my child for better at school and at home, as well.

Mr. Vishal Asthana

Parent of Vedant Asthana, Grade 1

beGalileo is great value for money for coding & math, amazing professionalism, exceptional teaching.

Mr. Anwar

Parent of Ayaan, Grade 1

Boosts capability & confidence, now he analyzes maths or any topic differently!.

Mr. Jitendra Adwani

Parent of Daksh Advani, Grade 3

Frequently Asked Questions ?

beGalileo is an online learning program to build the child's math and logical skills. The core team of beGalileo consists of a group of experts who have been teaching and researching on school education for more than ten years and Internet technology experts. We use proven theories of child psychology and child cognition to develop our world class learning materials. We have ingeniously developed curriculum and teaching standards, AI based online program, workbooks and games, consistent with learners' cognition. Our focus is to develop the child's thinking ability, problem solving skills and learning habits. We do this in a fun way that makes learning more effective and enjoyable for kids.

Our Mathematical thinking course uses mathematical knowledge as a medium to help children develop their intellectual skills with mathematical thinking at its core. The course integrates mathematical knowledge (number and operation, geometry and measurements, data and relationships, mathematical applications) and mathematical thinking skill development. It uses a "child-centered" teaching method with games and special learning tools. In the structured online classes held twice a week, children acquire mathematical knowledge and improve their thinking skills. They continue their learning at home with books, board games and app under the guidance of the beGalileo academic advisor. The at-home material also helps parents who want to spend time teaching their skills in a fun and play manner. Regular tests are conducted to move the student across various levels and stages of the program. Overall, the program develops huge interest in Mathematics and builds self-confidence to benefit for life!

Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an SMS and email with your subscription details. Your access to the online beGalileo platform will be enabled immediately. Your academic advisor will get in touch with you within the next 6-8 hours to answer any questions you may have. The advisor will also help finalize the schedule of your online classes.

As soon as you subscribe, your online access to beGalileo will be enabled. It will allow you to access videos, practice questions, learning games, speed math etc. Your child will have online classes with beGalileo certified teacher and she will completely hand hold your child on their learning journey. The box also has complete instructions so that you can also play and enjoy the games with your child.

Our curriculum is very detailed and exhaustive and has been carefully designed after years of research by Cambridge educators and highly experienced academicians by incorporating the key principles from major education boards including CBSE, ICSE, IB and IGCSE. We are also the first company in India to adopt key best practices from Singapore Math, the country whose students have been scoring top spots at all international tests for many years in a row.

We have found that the only reason kids don’t like math is because they do not understand it. And math being a subject where concepts are so deeply inter-connected, a learning gap in earlier grades widens as the child goes to higher grades. Moreover, the one-size-fits-all classroom teaching does not permit enough time for students who are struggling on a concept to learn it at their own pace. So, slowly, many students develop a dislike for Math. In beGalileo, we aim to first remove this “fear or dislike” for math. We do it by identifying the strengths and learning gaps of the child through a scientifically designed test called MIDAS and then personalizing the learning based on the results. The program is designed to first close the learning gaps and let the child learn at his or her own pace. Secondly, the multi format learning methodology which includes games, activities, online learning ensures that we also cater well to individual learning styles.

Doing well at school is a good outcome but often does not give a clear reflection on the child’s understanding of concepts, particularly in primary grades. The lack of clear understanding starts showing up when the student is getting ready for competitive exams. So, at beGalileo we make sure that every child learns the 'why' behind the concepts and is also appropriately challenged to give a deeper understanding and build higher self confidence.

Olympiads focus on school level math as well as logical thinking and reasoning. At beGalileo, our curriculum is designed to cover all topics of school level math across varying level of difficulty as well as logical & reasoning skills. So, every student at beGalileo gets prepared for Olympiads. Our students have consistently scored exceedingly well at Olympiads with many holding ranks at school, state and national levels.

Our online classroom is a session that is conducted within the beGalileo application. The classes are scheduled and once the child logs in, they will see an option to join the class. The class will be conducted by a certified beGalileo teacher. The online class has a small size of 3 to 4 children and the teacher will use math manipulatives, online questions, videos and whiteboard to conduct the class.

To attend the online classes, you need a laptop/desktop or a tablet/iPad and a good broadband internet connection.