Fraction to Percentage Converter

This fraction to percentage converter helps in converting any fraction value to a percentage. This tool is useful if the fraction is a simple one i.e. only a simple fraction can be converted into a percentage. The tool can be used by math students who are learning the topic of fractions and percentages. If you are aware of converting fractions to a decimal values and decimal value to a percentage value, then you can go for it. But for direct conversion this tool is useful.

How to use the calculator

Step 1: Enter the numerator
Step 2: Enter the denominator
Step 3: Click on the Calculate button
The percentage value will be displayed.
To view the solution and know how it is converted, click on the checkbox beside the text Solution.

Examples to try

Numerator: 6
Denominator: 10
Percentage (%) = Fraction * 100
Percentage (%) = 6/10 * 100
Percentage (%) = 60%

Numerator: 8
Denominator: 17
Percentage (%) = Fraction * 100
Percentage (%) = 8/17 * 100
Percentage (%) = 47%


Fractions and percentages are two of the most commonly used mathematical concepts in our everyday life. Fractions are used to represent a part of a whole, while percentages are used to express a proportion as a fraction of 100. Converting fractions to percentages is a crucial skill in many fields, including mathematics, science, finance, and more. In this article, we will discuss how to convert fractions to percentages and introduce a handy tool – Fraction to Percentage Converter.

Part 1: How to Convert Fractions to Percentages

The process of converting fractions to percentages is quite simple. First, we need to convert the fraction into a decimal. To do this, we divide the numerator by the denominator. For example, if we want to convert the fraction 2/5 to a decimal, we divide 2 by 5 and get 0.4. Once we have the decimal equivalent of the fraction, we can then multiply it by 100 to get the percentage. Using the same example, we multiply 0.4 by 100 and get 40%. Therefore, 2/5 is equivalent to 40%.

Here’s another example. Let’s convert the fraction 3/8 to a percentage. We divide 3 by 8 and get 0.375. Then, we multiply 0.375 by 100 and get 37.5%. Therefore, 3/8 is equivalent to 37.5%.

It’s important to note that not all fractions have exact decimal equivalents. For example, the fraction 1/3 cannot be expressed as a finite decimal. In such cases, we can use an approximation of the decimal, such as 0.33333, and then convert it to a percentage.

Part 2: Fraction to Percentage Converter

Although converting fractions to percentages is a relatively simple process, it can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Fortunately, there are many online tools available that can convert fractions to percentages instantly and accurately. One such tool is Fraction to Percentage Converter.

Fraction to Percentage Converter is a user-friendly online tool that allows you to convert any fraction to its equivalent percentage with just a few clicks. The tool is available for free and can be used on any device with an internet connection. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Enter the Fraction

To use Fraction to Percentage Converter, you first need to enter the fraction that you want to convert. You can do this by typing the numerator and denominator into the input boxes provided. For example, if you want to convert the fraction 3/4, you would enter 3 in the numerator box and 4 in the denominator box.

Step 2: Click the “Convert” Button

Once you have entered the fraction, simply click the “Convert” button. The tool will then instantly convert the fraction to its equivalent percentage.

Step 3: Copy the Result

The converted percentage will be displayed on the screen. You can then copy the result and use it as needed.

Converting fractions to percentages is a necessary skill in many fields, and it’s important to do it accurately and efficiently. With the help of Fraction to Percentage Converter, you can convert any fraction to its equivalent percentage instantly and accurately. The tool is easy to use, available for free, and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Whether you are a student, teacher, or working professional, Fraction to Percentage Converter is a valuable tool to have in your toolkit.