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Roman Numeral Converter

A “Roman Numeral Converter” is a tool that shows the Roman numeral representation of an input number.

Why do we use Roman Numeral Converter?

This conversion is automated, so there is no longer a need for manual computations using symbols or conversion tables. For everyone who needs accurate Roman number equivalents, this converter calculator serves as a helpful educational tool, a time-saving technology, and a useful practical utility.

How to convert Numbers to Roman Numerals using Roman Numeral Converter?

Step 1: Enter the number in the input box.

Step 2: Click “Convert” and the corresponding Roman Numeral will be displayed

Step 3: Further, click “Reset” button to enter the next number.

What are Roman Numerals?

Roman numerals are based on seven symbols (IVXLCDM). A symbol placed after another of equal or greater value adds its value and a symbol is placed before one of greater value to subtract its value.

Roman Numeral Number value
I 1
V 5
X 10
L 50
C 100
D 500
D 100

What purpose do these Roman numerals have?

  • Representation in titles, clock faces, and book chapters.
  • to perform simple addition and subtraction
  • To reinforce other mathematical concepts
  • In the Ranking system of sports events.

Let’s see an Example on how the conversion works

Convert 46 into Roman numerals.

46 = - 10 + 50 + 5 + 1
= X + L + V + I

Remember that a number should not repeat itself more than THREE times in a row, therefore we can find Roman Numerals up to 3000 only.