Square Calculator

For calculating the square of any number, one must just multiply the number by itself once. For smaller numbers, it is quite quick and easy to calculate. But for bigger numbers i.e. two or more than two-digit numbers, it gets difficult. For such cases calculators are necessary. This square calculator helps you with finding the square of any given number.

How to use the square calculator?

Step 1: Enter the number.
Step 2: Click the Calculate button.
Step 3: If you want to view the calculation then click on the Show Solution checkbox.
On clicking the Calculate button, the square value will be shown.

Examples to find the square of any number on the calculator

Example 1:
Entered number: 66
Square of 66 = 4356
66 * 66 = 4356

Example 2:
Entered number: 109
Square of 109 = 11881
109 * 109 = 11881

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