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Top 5 Careers for Math Lovers!

August 12, 2021
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Math and problem solving go hand in hand. In fact, the beauty (and possibly, the dread!) of Math is best manifested in the beautiful or intriguing problems that the subject throws up. And very surprisingly, often, such problems have elegant solutions! One may say, that’s true for jobs, careers and life, too! After all, it is said that businesses (and by extension, jobs and careers) exist to solve problems of their customers! And why not? As the saying goes, necessity (read: problems) is the mother of inventions leading to prominent Math careers and jobs.

The world runs on money and it’s generally, a fact. And the nature of money implies there’s always a specific measurement implied in all worldly things. And, it’s this intersection of money and specific measurements that drives the value of Math in the long term careers of students. Let’s now understand how Math is critical for Math jobs, jobs that require math skills and how math can help in some prominent career options for students.

‘STEM’ oriented roles & careers

The grouping of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (together abbreviated as ‘STEM’) has historically been the torch bearer of career opportunities for children to learn Math. And, rightfully so – most of engineering (well, heard of Bill Gates, Google, Facebook or “nerds”?), scientific research (‘Albert Einstein’ anyone?) and calculation oriented jobs and associated careers have provided a number of examples to children and parents alike. Not to forget, Silicon Valley (the original venue of tech innovation in the USA, not the TV series!), technology driven software companies and numerous startups, are now household names. They have provided a number of parents (and children) with real life examples of relatives or friends who’ve achieved success or ‘arrived in life’ – all made possible, many times, due to great education in science or engineering that, in turn, required mastery over Math in school. Obviously, there is no need to mention that Math is fundamental to core engineering or physical sciences (B.SC &M.SC courses). Questions like how much satellite weight can this launch rocket bear or more simply, what power this car engine can generate etc. can only be answered with a good Math background.

Medical education & research

The lifesaving Medical field too involves a variety of Math applications. To start with, doctors need to be conversant with accurate measurements and interpretation of lab findings (often, represented in numeric figures and ranges). Dosages are very specific and may need to be recalibrated based on body weights, where necessary. Understanding location of kidney stones or tumors and performing effective surgery involves precise mathematical understanding in 3D space. Medical research is almost always dependent on understanding of statistics to highlight success rates of medicines on the population. Pharmaceuticals development involves dealing with multiple combinations of precise dosages of ingredients to arrive at effective medicinal drugs.

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Enriching Math Careers in Finance

A number of high paying jobs and very intellectually enriching careers exist in the world of Finance. Investor? Lender? Or put together, investment banker? Stock analyst? Commodities broker? Or anything in between or related? All of these are just a small section of the types of jobs available to graduates who have specialized qualifications in Finance. Experts in finance field are almost always well versed in Math and specifically, the ability to perform mental calculations quickly is often a defining trait for them. For them to thrive in the field, it’s important to visualize the specifics of what they’re working on in monetary terms, for which expertise in Math is very helpful. Then, of course, there are specialized fields such as financial engineering and derivatives, which require advanced Math expertise even to get started.

Entrepreneurs require Math for success

A key trend in the last decade has been the emergence of entrepreneurship as one of the ‘sought after’ career options, much more accepted than it was in the generations earlier. This is aided in no small part by the success of Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Flipkart etc. that are among the most prominent names in this respect. What’s the link between entrepreneurship and Math? Is there a link at all?

The fulcrum of entrepreneurship is the ability to size up business potential from varied options and take suitable decisions quickly. Well, as we can see, entrepreneurship extends into small independent businessmen and women we encounter every-day. From the kirana shop owner to vegetables seller to owners of high street stores, all successful entrepreneurs, can quickly size up how much money can be made from the customer. With this ability, they decide, at the right moment, to provide extra goods or freebies or accept returns or accept delayed payments. This is an ability that’s needed all through the growth of startups to reach business success and dominant heights.

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Math is fundamental to Fashion & Art!

As counterintuitive as it may sound, Math is often a useful tool in Fashion and art. Fashion involves a combination of aspects such as measurements, angles, patterns, proportions and pricing. Measurement is, in fact, a key part of fashion along with the amount of fabric and size of clothing. Similarly, music involves aspects such as counting, tone, pitch, rhythm, patterns, harmonies, time signatures etc. Math is linked to notations of composers and sounds made by musicians. Similarly, Art sees manifestations of Math in terms of symmetry, perspective, and proportion.

Well, students excelling in Math can undeniably build rewarding Math and art careers in a variety of fields!

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