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Uncommon Units of Measurement

August 30, 2021
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Units of measurement – of length , area , weight, temperature… Of course our all so familiar units – from meter to degree centigrade, even Kelvin , tonne and acre. We use it almost everyday, a hundred times each day, without even realizing it. Here beGalileo has compiled a list of uncommon units – not so commonly used units of common attributes (like siriometer) and unusual units of unusual attributes(like milliHelen). Sure to amuse you enough to try and make your own list.

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List of Unusual Units of Measurement

  • Scoville/Asta: ‘Spicy Hot’
  • Karat: Weight of Diamond
  • Carat: Purity of Gold
  • Centipawn: Strength of a player’s situation in chess (by chess s/w)
  • Lightyear: Large astronomical distance
  • Millihelen: Beauty
  • Siriometer: Very large astronomical distance
  • aH: Laughter
  • Hedon: Pleasure
  • Mach: Speed of supersonic aircraft
  • Nautical Mile: Distance at sea
  • Dolor: Pain
  • Knot: Speed of ships
  • Fathom: Depth